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Top 10 List: Highlights of the Epic 2015 AIA Convention

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The 2015 American Institute of Architects Convention concluded on Saturday evening after four full days of tours, classes, meetings, award ceremonies, parties and more. Highlighting trends in architecture and multiple aspects of our fair city, the weekend brought a lot of global attention to Atlanta, and the general consensus seems to have been that a good time was had by all. While we only scratched the surface of things to do during our 16-hour days, here's a list of our favorite experiences from the first convention of its kind in 40 years:

10. Exploring new products and technologies at the expo, with more than 800 exhibitors and one really cute bunny.

9. Sitting in on the international presidents' forum, with architects from around the globe showing how many concepts in the practice transcend continents. Like the United Nations, but for architects.

8. Getting inside the new Georgia State University Law School.

7. Spending an evening living it up at the Polaris.

6. Touring the new Porsche facility.

5. Hearing Moshe Safdie and Bill Clinton speak about what is important in architecture today.

4. Partying at the College Football Hall of Fame with "The Architect" himself.

3. Getting inside the new Falcons' Stadium.

2. Watching architects react to the stories about Blondie and the Clermont Lounge on a tour of the Ponce de Leon Avenue corridor.

1. Speaking with architects from around the globe, who all were mostly pleasantly surprised by the development, planning and architecture in Atlanta. Favorites included the Beltline, the cultural district surrounding Centennial Olympic Park and John Portman's hotels.