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Half-flipped Downtown Condo has Location, $94K Price

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A perplexing combination of clean-modern and rustic-classical, this condo in downtown's Peachtree Towers is seeking $94,850. It sold just six months ago for $61,500, but the kitchen and bath have now been updated — "contemporary hotel chic," says the listing. But there's a perplexing disconnect going on with the more formal molding and doors throughout the rest of the unit. At only 641 square feet, it wouldn't take much to bring the rest of the condo into the modern aesthetic. Little can be done about the less-than-mediocre view of a large concrete wall and parking lot, though the location just blocks from Centennial Olympic Park and an easy walk to downtown offices could be a major draw for someone wanting the intown lifestyle. Or someone with a split-personality disorder.

· 300 Peachtree St., Apt. 3O [Zillow]

Centennial Olympic Park

285 International Boulevard NW, Atlanta, GA 30313 404 223 4412 Visit Website