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Another Mixed-Use Monstrosity Threatens Avalon's Reign

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Not all that long ago, the Ga. Highway 400 corridor led to pastoral lands dotted with subdivisions. But those days are vanishing faster than someone going the speed limit in metro Atlanta's rearview mirror. When announced just three years ago, Avalon was a novelty, a slice of quasi-urban in a sea of suburbia. But a new proposal just south of Avalon adds to the growing list of major mixed-use developments in the northern suburbs. The latest announcement, according to the AJC, will bring a development at Haynes Bridge Road and Ga. Highway 400, just one exit south of Avalon. So how does the latest proposal stack up?

According to a Development of Regional Impact filing obtained by the AJC, Lincoln Property Group and MetLife are hoping to bring 750,000 square feet of offices space, 105,000 square feet of retail space, a hotel, 414 apartments and 25 condos to the northwest corner of the interchange. While the site is substantially smaller than its neighbor to the north, the vision for the space is no less grandiose. The proposed retail space matches what opened in the first phase of Avalon — though more is expected in Avalon's next two phases — and the office space proposed is substantially more than that at Avalon. Density will be a differentiator; while Avalon has single-family homes in addition to its apartments, it seems Lincoln Property Group is leaning on medium-density housing.

Both projects highlight the ambitious plans to transform Alpharetta into a moderately more walkable place. And with MARTA's proposed Red Line extension whisking people to and from the area, there's even a chance that some people might forgo cars in these mixed-use nodes. However, while the new line would pass by both Avalon and the newly proposed development, according to the most recent maps, only Avalon would be adjacent to a train station.

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