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$2.1M Druid Hills Manse by Famous Architect has Issues

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Like a gorgeous golden Twinkie (with cream filling gone rancid), this Druid Hills mansion's beautiful brick exterior hides a few oddly colored dilemmas. The manse, designed by groundbreaking Georgia architect Leila Ross Wilburn in 1916, sits on a picturesque 2.6-acre wooded lot. With five bedrooms and four bathrooms and a huge sunroom, there's a lot to like. But the pastel paints, horrendously 1970s kitchen and exposed piping ding the charm of what should be a stately manse. Listed for $2.1 million, the home needs some serious upgrades, or someone who really loves electric blue. But for a whole lot of house snuggled between Emory, Virginia-Highland and Ponce de Leon Avenue, it could be a millionaire renovator's dream come true.

· 923 Springdale Rd. [Zillow]