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$400K Buys Fenced-In Nothing in Old Fourth Ward

At the corner of Dallas and Wilmer streets, this fenced-in, rectangular offering of valuable grass is "priced to sell," if you believe the listing agent. What exactly it will become hinges on the buyer's imagination — and the zoning designation. To be specific, this $399,000 lot spans 8,464 square feet, located literally a stone's throw from Historic Fourth Ward Park, and it looks rather lonely with so much having sprung up around it. What it lacks in bedrooms, bathrooms and period charm it compensates with … levelness? Recently mowedness? Fence quality? It's tough to evaluate nothing, but the agent suggests this location is ideal for a small condo, office condo or restaurant, even though the zoning designation — "light industrial, potential commercial" — seems offputtingly nebulous. Hey, at least the Walk Score from nothing is a "somewhat walkable" 69. One drawback for future tenants would be telling people your address, 0 Wilmer Street, which sounds like the nursing-home version of Skid Row.

· 0 Wilmer St. [Coldwell Banker]