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Hip Westside Golf Emporium Rises Toward Summer Opening

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From a vacant Westside industrial site, Topgolf Atlanta is rising in spectacular fashion right now, like a giant arrow pointed toward Vinings. The above drone image, captured by the Beltline Broker company, shows the scale of the 65,000-square-foot facility and how it's changing the character of this acreage along Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard, about three miles west of Georgia Tech. It also shows a strip-mall's worth of surface parking (probably a necessary evil here), and the three-story crescent of a building that'll house 100 driving bays, bars, restaurants and more than 230 HD televisions. Topgolf operates 13 similar facilities across the country, including an Alpharetta outpost that opened last May, but officials say this will mark their first "truly urban" venture. Topgolf had originally planned to open this spring, but they're promising a summer debut now.