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Charming Inman Park Bungalow has Porches for Days

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You know a property is all about reppin' its 'hood when the listing photos include a shot of the annual neighborhood parade. But no one can fault this 1930 bungalow for touting its proximity to one of Atlanta's most cherished gatherings, the Inman Park Festival. And with an expansive front porch and shindig-ready back deck, this is just the sort of place that could double as festival party headquarters. The catch is in the asking price — $529,000 — which would net just 1,550 square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and, on the bright side, three fireplaces. (There is a low-ceilinged little apartment in the basement, too, where in-laws could be sequestered). The home's charm extends from the picket fence and front porch to the pergola around back with multiple seating options and privacy by way of curtains. Just two years ago, this place sold for $325,000, which could indicate that the granite and stainless steel are new additions, or that IP is fire-poker hot right now.

· 49 Waverly Way NE [Zillow]