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Midtown's Next Apartment Tower Could Look Like This

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A new development proposed for Williams Street along The Connector in Midtown is beginning to come to light. Maryland-based SK+I Architecture has released renderings of a high-rise residence known as Modera slated to rise at Eighth Street. Modera is set to feature 435 apartments, which is a big increase from the originally anticipated 350 units. Developer Mill Creek will also bring street-fronting retail space to the base of the tower. The development is just north of Square on Fifth and University House, two high-rise residences built for students at Georgia Tech. And plans suggest it's not going to be satisfied with one measly amenity deck.

According to the architects, the building will top out at 29 floors, with 488,000 square feet devoted to the residences and 12,000 square feet for commercial space. The apartments will follow the trend of others rising in the area, with boutique amenities such as a rooftop terrace, yoga studio and two pools. (It's also planned to have a running track, which isn't the norm. Yet.) While the renders look sleek, it's easy to see they probably weren't sourced from Atlanta, as the context is a bit wonky. A few of the buildings do look cool, though, so we'll pretend they exist. Beyond the foreign context, this project looks like it could be a welcome addition to the Atlanta skyline.

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