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1925 Bungalow in Kirkwood is Full of Modern Pizzazz

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At long last, we find a home bold enough to have a mirrored bathroom vanity. As in, the entire vanity has mirrors on it. Mirrors! And the surprises don't stop there with this adventurously rehabbed 1925 bungalow in Kirkwood, recently listed at $445,000. A lap around the listing photos reveals a bounty of trippy carpeting, Dr. Seussian wall art and mirrors, and an electric vehicle charger that comes with the house. Even the lighting in the laundry nook is fancy. More standard/less off-putting perks include the Viking range in the kitchen, the marble countertops and the extensive home speaker system. The square footage provided by Zillow — 1,135 — is questionable at best, but listing services seem to agree the home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, equating to an offer the agent calls, "absolutely immaculate." In fact, with this property, we're told there's "nothing left to do but add your garage or pool to the deep level backyard," as if that's a simple procedure.

· 2084 Delano Drive NE [Zillow]