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From Street Level, New Falcons Stadium is a Game-Changer

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[Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta]

Much has been said about the new Atlanta Falcons stadium's robotic-origami design, its cost (overruns) and its propensity for paying off (and then crushing) churches. But what's it all mean for folks who live nearby, whose sightlines this colossal project is rapidly changing? Take, for instance, Martin Luther King Drive commuters who see this (above) every day. Earlier this month, we pounded the pavement to capture glimpses of what the new stadium already means to surrounding streets and neighborhoods, from an aesthetic standpoint. Keep in mind that additional levels and steel-roof trusses will take this baby about 10 stories higher than it currently is. Some 830 workers are reporting to this site and pouring in about $2.5 million worth of work daily. They're all aiming to achieve so-called "substantial completion" in about 650 days. Clearly, the project has made an imprint already.

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