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Airy & Convenient, Downtown Condo is Bastion of Optimism

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While some downtown properties struggle to climb back to their yesteryear value, a unit in the heart of Fairlie-Poplar is eyeing a relatively serious payout. Bought less than two years ago for $119,000, the condo is now listed for $165,000. Leaning toward an industrial-loft aesthetic, the home has hardwoods, soaring windows and a sort of Parisian chic vibe. From the balcony, there are views of the Tabernacle, SkyView Atlanta and the streetcar as it sails, occasionally, along Luckie Street toward Woodruff Park. With a sleek kitchen, insane walkability, a parking spot and HOAs of $233, this place could be primed to go fast. If downtown is becoming as desirable as they say, that is.

· 123 Luckie St., Apt. 1301 [Zillow]