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$685K Lakeview Ave. Home has Lake-Like Vibes, Sans Water

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Georgia: state of peaches, sweet tea, biases cloaked in Southern charm and zero natural lakes. So while a cottage on Lakeview Avenue may actually have a lake view in most places, in Atlanta it's doubtful that's the case. Turns out that a 1938 cottage in Peachtree Heights, which happens to be on Lakeview Avenue, does have some lake-house legitimacy. Sort of. There's a large back deck, a sunroom and large windows throughout, giving this place an airy vibe befitting a home near the water. Except it's not. With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, the home is listed for $685,000. Located halfway between Peachtree and Piedmont roads near Lindbergh, it's definitely well-situated, if lacking that H20 element. The good news: Despite no direct lake views, it is within walking distance of Duck Pond Park, which has an actual duck pond and bona fide water. So that's something.

· 287 Lakeview Ave [Zillow]