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More Details Emerge for New Dad's Garage Theatre in O4W

After raking in $690,000 in the most successful live theatre campaign in Kickstarter history and securing additional financing from Midtown Bank, nonprofit theater group Dad's Garage closed on their forever home in January. The zoning change from residential to commercial was approved, and the theater troupe — ousted from their long-time home at 280 Elizabeth Street by the Inman Quarter development — is one step closer to moving into their new permanent space. (They are currently shacking up with 7 Stages on Euclid Avenue.) But there's still work to be done.

What kind of work? Namely, the installation of an elevator, extra power, lighting and commercial grade toilets (have you seen how much those cost?) as well as the construction of a stage, seating risers, a bar, a green room, dressing rooms and a rehearsal space. Dad's is selling names on seats, bathroom graffiti and places on their lobby mural to pay for the extra work. The 4,770-square-foot addition mentioned in earlier reports is nowhere to be seen on the new floorplans. (We've heard that that's more of a down-the-road project.)

The 12,210-square-foot Old Fourth Ward church at 569 Izzard Street, once listed for $2.15 million (no word on how much Dad's ended up actually paying), will continue hosting services for the Atlanta Metropolitan Christian Church congregation until this fall, with Dad's hoping to start performances there in early 2016.

Designing a new theatre!

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