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Tower Bonanza

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In two separate projects, developers are planning to swap decades-old, low-rise buildings in Midtown and Buckhead with a total of three new towers. The Buckhead proposal by JPX Works would demolish a 1955 condo building at 2520 Peachtree Road (home to notoriously high HOA fees) and erect a 22-story condo building, marking the largest post-Recession condominium proposal in Atlanta. In Midtown, Greystar Real Estate Partners wants to build two towers — one with 350 apartments, the other a 200-room hotel — on the site of a 1970 building at 1400 West Peachtree, just up the street from Center Stage Theater. In other words, Atlanta's development bonanza continues. [BuckheadView; ABC. Base images: Google Maps]


2520 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305