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East Atlanta's Priciest Listing Features Koi Pond, Rooftop Deck

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You can score a pretty sweet three-bedroom bungalow in East Atlanta for under $300,000. Up that to $350,000 and you're looking at a fully renovated four-bedroom within walking distance of the Village and all of its dining and nightlife options. Which is why this modern three-bedroom's $600,000 price tag is pretty jaw-dropping. It is the most expensive home currently listed in the neighborhood by a good margin. What are you getting for all that extra dough? Well, for starters, a Michael Phelps Swim Spa located next to the "tranquil koi pond" so that you and the fish can be as one. There's also an elevator and three-car garage. The floor-to-ceiling windows are a big plus, as are the high ceilings, covered rooftop deck and proximity to East Atlanta Village. It's hard to say the same for the dated glass-block bathroom. It'll also take a certain type of buyer to appreciate the wacky angles — and to pay this much money. The house last sold 21 months ago for $330,000. It's unclear if the place has been significantly altered since then.

· 447 Pasley Avenue [Zillow]