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1938 Lake Claire Bungalow is Chockfull of Mod Surprises

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Nestled in the small, sylvan neighborhood of Lake Claire, this renovated bungalow with modern flair — and design surprises around every corner — is asking $660,000. Complete with high-end marble finishes, gorgeous hardwood floors and a large terraced backyard, the four bedroom, two-and-1/2 bath home is ready to woo. Bold wallpaper with larger-than-life prints festoons a few of the rooms, and large colorful paintings and drapes brighten the spaces, but overall the home is a study in minimalist blue-greys, both inside and out. It's surprisingly spacious and open considering its 1938 vintage. An upstairs bonus room — the "bonus" being that it's a great place to break your neck, tripping over the large beam that was casually concealed with the same carpet as the rest of the floor — provides a little reading nook perfect for a rainy afternoon. Overall the house shows well, and despite the quirks (and possible lawsuit-worthy beam situation), it appears to be a strong contender for fetching the ask.

· 2013 Palifox Dr. [Curbed Atlanta]