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Wright House, Wrong Place? Neighbors Battle Proposed Frank Lloyd Wright Museum

The long saga of the David and Gladys Wright Home, and efforts to preserve this later-period Frank Lloyd Wright project, have been about as straightforward as the Phoenix residence's spiraling sides. Considered a precursor to Wright's Guggenheim design, the home was saved from demolition in 2012 by local resident Zach Rawling, who recently announced plans to turn it into a museum and open the property to tours, art exhibitions and music performances. Rawling's vision, which he's advancing under the banner of the nonprofit David & Gladys Wright Home Foundation, would turn a forgotten structure into a tourist destination he expects to have a draw equal to that of nearby Taliesin West. Not surprisingly, neighbors in the upscale Arcadia neighborhood surrounding the home haven't exactly taken to the new ideas, and the projected 100,000-plus visitors.

FLW FTW? Not that simple >>