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Opulent Chandler Harris Home Sells for More than $3M

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Here's a case of the phrase "meticulous restoration" being totally appropriate. This 1925 Tudor-style cottage in Peachtree Heights was originally designed and built by the family of Joel Chandler Harris, the Atlanta journalist, author and folklorist best known for his collection of Uncle Remus stories. (Harris preferred to write at his West End digs, the Wren's Nest, and this house was built about 17 years after his death). Recently, builder Rick Fierer and architect Greg Palmer completed a restoration that might repulse the minimalists of Atlanta but is fittingly grand, ushering this sprawling property into the 21st century without losing touch with its past. It was listed last summer for $3.35 million, and Beacham & Company reports they closed the sale for $3 million or more last week — the fifth highest sale across Atlanta in 2015. Surely helping to seal the deal were the party-ready loggia, carriage house and saltwater pool. It's proof that not even rampant drapery can hold a special property down.

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