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Near Aquarium, Sweet Industrial Space has Condo Dreams

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This century-old warehouse turned retail space wants to be reincarnated as a two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence, but it has a ways to go. Looking more like an indoor basketball court, with soaring ceilings and vintage hardwood floors for miles, the only things missing to make this a perfect home are the bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and everything else that could possibly allow this to pass as a livable environment. Even still, it's hard to deny that the sheer space is pretty sweet (all 3,480 square feet of it), with flared columns and exposed pipes lending an urban-loft vibe. The building itself is fantastic, too, with what may be the coolest staircase in Atlanta leading up to a massive rooftop terrace with panoramic views of downtown. Just down the street from Centennial Olympic Park, the flat is a block away from liter beers at Der Biergarten and unlimited soda at the World of Coke. For those wanting to totally customize their home in an old warehouse, this could be ideal, though the $400,000 price tag as a starting point might be a deterrent.

· 434 Marietta St. Ste. 105 [Zillow]

Centennial Olympic Park

285 International Boulevard NW, Atlanta, GA 30313 404 223 4412 Visit Website