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Intriguing Maps Compare Atlanta's Density to Peer Cities

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Atlantans like to bemoan how spread out the city is — but when the city itself is compared to others, the argument seems to lose a bit of credence. Self-storage company SpareFoot has created a series of eye-catching info-graphics comparing the City of Atlanta to other cities throughout the region, country and globe. Metrics include sheer population, land area and population density, and some of the information may just surprise you. While the map only compares the city itself — not the ridiculously large metropolitan area, which some studies show is bigger than Massachusetts — the series manages to put our low density in perspective. After the jump, how Atlanta stacks up; some things might just surprise you.


When it comes to other Southern cities, Atlanta's actually doing pretty well in the way of density, per this particular study.

While you may hope Los Angeles, the West Coast's poster-child for sprawl, would make Atlanta look good, but sadly that's not the case.

Compare us the biggies up north like New York, and we begin to look paltry.

And all hope is lost when you leave the US and head to major global cities that put our density to shame. But hey, we got backyards!

[All images via SpareFoot.]

For more city stats, check out the rest of the comparisons at SpareFoot.

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