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Reynoldstown's Latest Semi-Detached Offering Wants $425K

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On the last lot of a dead-end street in Reynoldstown, we find this newly constructed, semi-detached home that shares a garage wall with its Siamese neighbor. It's not the first semi-detached offering we've seen in R-town, and likely won't be the last, but with a price of $425,000, it is the most expensive. The listing tosses around superlatives like "arresting," "gorgeous" and "striking" but neglects to use "a little strange," which would be a reference to the overall layout and random ceiling appendages in the bathrooms. Touches like the "designer" fireplace, included blinds, frameless shower door and pitched kitchen ceiling score points, but few would call the curb appeal arresting (though the stony address marker is quite nice). It has three bedrooms and almost 2,000 square feet, but a mere one-car garage, likely because the lot's space was maxed out. And though we appreciate the mention, the listing wrongly asserts that "Curbed Atlanta just voted Reynoldstown Atlanta's hottest neighborhood." No, actually, the neighborhood did that.

· 200 Cleveland St. SE [Zillow]