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Church Turned Apartment Ready to Party in Grant Park

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It's often a struggle for those who live alone but like to throw massive parties to find that perfect space to rent. One-bedroom apartments are often small, offering room for only the smallest of dance floors. But an old church-turned-rental in Grant Park could be the answer to someone's prayers. The one-bedroom unit has an interesting vibe, located in the creepily dimly lit ground floor of what was constructed as the Gleaners Baptist Church in 1959 and was most recently — according to Google maps — the Rock Church of Hope and Deliverance. Complete with stained glass windows, a kitchen on the pulpit and a few leftover pews, the place could now host some downright righteous parties. In terms of location, the unit couldn't be any closer to Interstate 20, with it's back wall abutting the sound barrier, which could be seen as both a major asset and nuisance. But with plenty of space and a unique vibe, is this party palace worth the $2,100 in rent?

· 638 Glenwood Ave, Unit #A []