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Modern-Style East Atlanta Residence Asks $379K

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Fans of approachable, livable modern style with sub-$400,000 budgets could be in luck with this East Atlanta listing, a four-bedroom, three-bathroom new-build that occupies a corner lot about a mile from the neighborhood's scruffy-cool village. With 2,372 square feet, it has the sort of roominess that's increasingly uncommon for a price tag of $379,900 in the city. Highlights include the wraparound front porch, a rainfall shower, the Jack & Jill master bathroom and finishes and landscaping that appear a tick above builder-grade. On the flipside, there's a curious dearth of ceiling fans, and let's hope the "leather-like" black granite countertops are cooler than the listing makes them sound. And beware, scaredy-cats: There's a cemetery across the street, but at least it's historic.

· 743 Clifton Road []