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Own This Unfinished ATL Monstrosity for a Mere $115K

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This is either the deal of the century or the biggest money pit in Atlanta. A bonanza of bold aesthetics, this partly finished residential leviathan is maybe 10 minutes from downtown in Gresham Park, next to East Atlanta and Interstate 20. Originally listed for $325,000 in early 2014, this gaudy goliath has undergone a barrage of no-nonsense choppage ever since — down to $115,000 this week, or roughly the price of an upscale tiny house. From the back, it looks a little like a half-melted wedding cake. But let's focus on the positive(s): The interior is an unending labyrinth of arched ceilings and massive rooms. The square footage is listed as 2,145, but that must be referring to a previous house on the lot, because this six-bedroom big daddy has gotta be three times that size. The listing agent requests that imaginative investors, builders — anybody! — bring any and all offers, because they're ready to close today. Literally, today. Like, right now. Better get in quick — before this as-is opportunity (or the home itself) collapses.

· 1561 Boulderwoods Drive SE [Zillow]