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Photos: Quick Tour of Midtown's Newest Construction Sites

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[Submitted photos by Carol Payne.]
[Submitted photos by Carol Payne.]

Midtown is an epicenter of construction again. Blink, and this cosmopolitan submarket will look different. To prove it, a reader has kindly submitted the following visual update that captures a few of Midtown's newest construction sites as they appear right now, verifying that some long-discussed, high-profile projects are indeed moving forward. Pictured are: The Hanover Co.'s future mid-rise (R.I.P. Checkers); the Azure On the Park project; Novare's Atlantic House; the 60 11th St. tower at the gigantic 12th & Midtown development; and last, but certainly not least, Yoo On the Park. By our count, these five projects alone — and there are others in the vicinity — will introduce more than 1,600 new units to Midtown.

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