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Wood Flooring in Grant Park Home has Eaten Walls, Ceilings

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Wood floors are a big selling point in today's homes, but even when there's a sale at Lumber Liquidators, it's best to know when enough is enough. Unfortunately for a recently listed and almost century-old cottage in Grant Park, the Hardwood Monster has paid a visit, taking wood flooring to places it's rarely gone been before. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms and loads of period charm, the home has a lot going for it. But after what we can only imagine was like one of those Oprah's Favorite Things episodes — Floor? "You get some hardwood!" Wall? "You get some hardwood!" Ceiling? "You get some hardwood!" — it seems like every exposed surface was treated to a wood soufflé. Location wise, the cottage is hemmed between this church-turned-apartment/party palace and Interstate 20, walking distance to all the great restaurants along Memorial Drive. And for just $237,500, you get the 1,020-square-foot home with probably 198,000 linear feet of hardwood flooring.

· 648 Glenwood Ave SE []