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In what may be the least shocking, yet most irritating, news of the week, Cobb County Chairman Tim Lee made it abundantly clear to the Cobb Business Journal that he doesn't see an instance where he would ever allow MARTA to operate in Cobb. Lee basically thinks that people from Cobb should stay in Cobb, and if they have to leave, they should drive themselves or take CCT buses instead of having to ride MARTA with people from other counties, adding: "Heavy rail is not an efficient use of transportation anymore on new lines." The article also quotes a Cobb official attempting to explain how overt racism that kept MARTA from entering the county in the early years wasn't racist and — for giggles — includes his comparison of today's MARTA to a drunk teenager. It's as if "progress" and "regional cooperation" are profanities in The CC. [Image: ADNA]