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$3M Manse Touts 'Fairy Tale Sensation' in Buckhead

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In Atlanta, it doesn't get much more genuine faux-French Countryside than this. For instance, the incredible front doors of this $3.15 million Buckhead mansion are really from the 18th Century, and really from France, lending to what the listing agent calls a "fairy tale sensation" throughout the property. Around back, we find some truly enchanting gardens and a saline pool ornate as birdbaths. The interiors, by and large, aren't as gaudy as one might think (that all-white bathroom notwithstanding), though they'd still probably qualify as a minimalist's nightmare. And one upstairs bedroom, if it went to high school, would be voted Most Likely to Induce Wallpaper Claustrophobia. This sprawling, 4,800-square-foot monsieur was designed by an American classicist from Atlanta named James Means, an understudy of Neel Reid's who was salvaging and incorporating pieces of older homes long before hipsters. That's all well and good, but this assertion from the listing might still be a bit much: "More than a home, it is a lifestyle and a dream!"

· 2862 Careygate NW []