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On the Southwest Side, Which Bungalow is the Best?

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Following last year's groundbreaking, the Beltline's Westside Trail is slowly chugging along. With the construction progress, we're beginning to see historic homes in so-called "Heritage Neighborhoods" like Capitol View and Adair Park being restored at a more rapid clip. However, the area hasn't yet experienced the market pandemonium of the Eastside Trail's vicinity, which brought new vitality to older neighborhoods like Old Fourth Ward with an influx of investment and new projects. If you're a homebuyer willing to bet on the (South)Westside, it might be high time to buy. Here are two homes listed for under $150,000 — let's repeat: under $150,000 — near the trail and not more than 10 minutes from downtown. But which home is best?

1395 Everhart Street SW

Retooled top to bottom, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom blue babe was built in 1920. At 1,706 square feet, the home is cozy without being small and there's a large backyard complete with a small deck and fire pit. And the listing description is a poem, so that instantly makes this property pretty awesome. All for $137,000.


1266 Sylvan Road SW

Also built in 1920, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is a bit on the small side at 996 square feet — but the price is relatively pint-sized to match. Scooped up last year for just $16,110, the home has been tastefully updated with a new kitchen, bathrooms and hardwood floors. Half-a-mile from the new Westside Trail, the home is listed for $119,900.


Poll results

· 1395 Everhart St SW [Zillow]
· 1266 Sylvan Rd SW [Zillow]