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K-wood House has Handcrafted Furniture, Something Fowl

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A home featured in the Kirkwood Tour of Homes last year is for sale, and the owner is throwing in a bunch of homemade furniture (and a backyard surprise) to sweeten the deal. Built in 1925, this bungalow underwent a massive renovation and reconfiguration in 2011, with the addition of hardwood floors, granite countertops and marble floors in the bathrooms. There's a wall of salvaged wood in one bedroom, plants defying gravity on a wall in the bathroom and plenty of beige inside. But out back, things get a bit fowl, with a chicken coop snuggled up against a cutesy storage shed and a nice deck with pristine views of the parking pad. Listed for $387,500, the home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,450 square feet and is walking distance to the heart of Kirkwood. But what say you: Is this furnished domicile a charming value, or merely for the birds?

· 53 Wyman St. [Zillow]

53 Wyman Street NE, Atlanta