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Now Finished, Marvelous Midtown Modern Seeks $1.3M

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This high-style modern dwelling in Midtown has been on our radar since it was merely blueprints — and $150,000 cheaper. Now finished, the four-bedroom contemporary statement by Dencity appears as sleek as the plans had promised. But this kind of quality, in this location, carries an expectedly hefty asking price: $1,349,900. Where detractors might see a cold, harsh palette, fans of refined simplicity probably spy the house of their dreams. Across 3,100 square feet, there isn't a stitch of carpeting, but there is a multitude of huge windows (some with city views) and patios (some with doors that look more appropriate for bank vestibules). Kitchens don't get much more open-concept than this, and the custom steel railings of the staircases look positively badass. Given that Piedmont Park and the Beltline are a couple of blocks away, the 87 Walk Score is understandable. But still, a price like this and merely "room for a pool" and not the pool itself is a mild bummer.

· 861 Vedado Way NE [Zillow]