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Creflo's Crib: Metro ATL Mansion of a Jet-Setting Reverend

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[Creflo Dollar's Fayetteville mansion. All images: Google Maps and Google Earth.]

Everyone's favorite local conman religious icon has been catching a lot of flack lately for asking his congregants to buy him a $65 million jet — when you need a plane, you need a plane... Based on his exacting standards for his coveted Gulfstream G-650, we were curious to see where Reverend Creflo Dollar calls home when he's not jet-setting in his insufficient old plane. And thanks to public property records, we know the answer ...

The Dollar family owns two adjoining parcels of land in Fayetteville, amounting to a staggering 182.9-acre compound, according to the Fayette County database. Surrounded by a large stone and metal fence, at the end of a long driveway, stands a large mansion with a big pool and fountain out back. The original home, built in 1996, was recently renovated and expanded with two wings extending from the rear of the home, giving Dollar 17,000+ square feet from which to proselytize. It's like the Ponce City Market of suburban McMansions.

For the traveling Reverend who spends his days tirelessly spreading the gospel, it's good to know he's got a suitable slice of land to call home. And less than a twenty-minute drive from Hartsfield-Jackson, Creflo will be just a short jaunt away from his new plane.