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Could Home Sale Hint at Resurgence Near Falcons' Nest?

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Practically in the shadow of the rising Falcons' Stadium, a recently renovated home in the English Avenue neighborhood appears to have been claimed in just over a month. Listed for $169,900, the little yellow abode, less than a decade old, was retooled top-to-bottom with hardwood floors, a brand new kitchen and some fancy decorative walls. While the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium have struggled in the past, Arthur Blank has promised to invest in the communities as part of the stadium construction. So while the sale of a 1,354 square-foot home for $169,900 — at least $100,000 more than the majority of the homes listed in the neighborhood — might not be a big deal in other neighborhoods, it could be a bellwether of positive things here. So is the pending sale a good omen, or a fluke?

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· 594 Jones Ave. [Zillow]