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Frenchy Mega-House Off Piedmont Park will Seek $1.7M

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How do you say, "Half-million-dollar teardown" in French? Or is that red-blooded 'Merican concept lost in translation? Whatever the case, this ultra-fancy, Normandy-style home a block from Piedmont Park will soon be offering, in the listing agent's words, "the highest living standard" on the ashes of a two-story Colonial that recently sold for $525,000. That house, it turns out, was less valuable than its corner-lot positioning. Now, this entertainer's showplace is expected to be finished this winter, replete with a bocce court, epic covered patio, a $1.69 million price tag and an overall aesthetic that's anything but common in Atlanta. We're told this is a collaboration between JackBilt Homes (they specialize in building and restoring mostly traditional houses from Inman Park to Buckhead) and Jones Pierce Architects, who've been responsible for some fairly amazing projects from Lake Lanier to Panama City, with a focus on intown Atlanta (but peep that house on Lake Arrowhead). While this project is pushing 4,000 square feet, it's hardly a McMansion in a beret. But let's pour out a little burgundy for that sacrificial Colonial.

· 405 9th St. NE [Estately]