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Atlantic Station Condo Goes Suburban, But with Fun Furniture

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News flash: Condos in Midtown are often sleek and sexy. Soaring windows revealing skyline views, exposed concrete ceilings and kitchens with snazzy marble countertops — it's all the norm around here. But for those looking for the suburban stand-alone house vibe in a high-rise format, a newly available unit in the Atlantic Condos at Atlantic Station could have the right fusion for you. While the current owners have dressed the place up with cool furniture — is that a pool table that doubles as a dining table?!?! — the hardwood floors, molding over the kitchen cabinets and wall-to-wall bedroom carpeting scream "Johns Creek!" Sure, the finishes are nice, and the place is rather large with more than 1,700 square feet, but the look is a bit surprising, a break from the Midtown norm. But for those keen on OTP panache with an ITP location, the two-bedroom, two-and-1/2 bathroom unit on the sixth floor can be yours for $396,900.

· 270 17th St. Unit 0610 [Estately]