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Reynoldstown House Asks $325K, Name-Drops NBA Giant

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Leave it to a Reynoldstown house to name-drop a retired Romanian basketball player to illustrate its deceptively voluminous gathering areas. The listing seriously goes here: "Special features include a sweet front porch, extra large back porch, ceilings so high that Gheorghe Muresan will feel comfortable and a super-large kitchen." Gheorghe "My Giant" Muresan stands 7 feet 7 inches, tied for the tallest NBA player of all time and nearly two feet taller than the average male Atlantan, a species that requires at least nine-foot ceilings, generally speaking, to feel comfort. Which means these ceilings should be at least 11 feet tall — judging by doorframes, that's probably the case — but the listing describes them only as "super-high." With another unit of measurement — .25 miles to the Beltline — it's much more specific. Built in 1920, like most older homes in the area, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence has 1,282 square feet and a $325,000 price. It last sold in late 2012 for $90,000 cheaper, but that's like comparing Muresans to Spud Webbs.

· 799 Marcus St. SE [A Is For Atlanta]