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Swanky Brookwood Condo, House Clash. Who Prevails?

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Let's journey to the nebulous section of Atlanta where South Buckhead flirts with the northern reaches of Midtown, a place some might call Brookwood, others Ardmore, and still others (in a redneck drawl) "downtown." Here we find two disparate housing options separated by a few blocks, about $70,000 and roughly 500 square feet. Both qualify as swank, a cut above the norm. The first contender is an upper-floor condo in the Brookwood, an eco-friendly tower finished during the recession that stood dormant for about a year, if memory serves. The challenger is a 1955 single-family renovation that takes staging to art-house levels and doesn't skimp on the marble. So let's toss these geographic cousins in a hypothetical cage and see who prevails. It's time for Real Estate Deathmatch!

Classy Condo:

This unit at the underrated Brookwood condo tower faces northeast, allowing for not-too-cliched views of Buckhead and Stone Mountain. There's a den (with full bath) in addition to two full bedrooms, with perks that include Viking appliances, two neighboring parking spaces and a storage unit. The Peachtree Street location isn't shabby, offering walkability to myriad eateries, though the nearest MARTA station is a hike. This is $70,000 cheaper than the challenger, but also substantially smaller.

1820 Peachtree St. NW Unit 1407
Square Footage: 1,700
Price: $680,000
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Year Built: 2010
Perks: 14th floor unit near the top of the building, upgraded with surround sound and a custom desk built into a closet; three ground-floor restaurants at your doorstep. Amenities include a lush pool area and onsite guest suites.
Potential Drawback: $573 HOA fees could be a tough pill to swallow. Good luck getting anywhere on the Fourth of July.

Artful Renovation:

This slick renovation in Brookwood Hills blipped our radar last October, and if property records are correct, it hasn't managed to sell since, which is a bit of a head-scratcher. But now it's back — with updated listing photos and tweaked staging! The open living area is covered in "fresh hardwoods," we're told, to complement the kitchen's Carrara marble and Viking appliances. The downstairs guest suite is chic, the back deck sizable and the master bathroom dreamy, per the listing.

171 Huntington Road NE
Square Footage: 2,200
Price: $749,900
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
Year Built: 1955
Perks: This is touted as "one of Atlanta's finest neighborhoods" in the listing, and it's a roomy house (with a large unfinished space, too) in which to enjoy it. The three-car carport and the fire pit with whacky chairs are nice touches.
Potential Drawback: The location is relatively central, but the Walk Score of 52 is wanting. And not everyone will be wowed by the curb appeal.

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