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Cobb Chamber of Commerce: We Really do Like Millennials

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Shedding light on what some intown zealots perceive as an evil empire, Senior Vice President of Economic Development for the Cobb Chamber of Commerce Brooks Mathis sat down with Metro Atlanta CEO to discuss growth in the county. Brooks, the man behind the recruitment and retention of businesses in Cobb County, looks more like a college senior than a senior VP, but he can claim some pretty big accomplishments — the Braves' relocation among them. While the video is short, it offers insight into Cobb's strategy to spur new growth. So what sort of wizardry does this county leader have up his sleeve?

Off the bat, Mathis states that Cobb is striving to be energized with "young people and millennials." Despite some folks in Cobb not taking kindly to the youthful Yuppie types, it seems like growth of a younger population is something the county really covets, especially around the Cumberland District.

And speaking of Cumberland, Cobb leaders hope to develop the district into a major center of business. While the Braves might be the focal point of new development, Mathis plays up the high-tech, high-paying jobs coming to the area with Comcast. In conjunction with the headquarters building, Mathis claims that the SunTrust Park development will be the most technologically advanced entertainment venue in the world, which might be a bit of hyperbole.

Nonetheless, with four new Class A office towers coming to the Cumberland District, Cobb's grand ambitions of becoming a mecca for corporate headquarters is beginning to materialize. It just remains to be seen what companies will be lured by the new development.

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