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Buckhead Remodel Melds Modern Flair with 1953 Bones

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Around the corner from Lenox Square, beneath a butterfly roof, a once-smallish Buckhead residence from the 1950s has been reborn as something wildly different. Whether it qualifies as a "modern masterpiece" as the listing claims is debatable, but even the most modern-hating traditionalist would have to concede that certain elements are snazzy here. Take the two-story kitchen with its array of light-spewing windows, the Brazilian white-marble countertops or that sleek, open staircase that creates the illusion of continuity. (Or is it a missed opportunity for an under-stairs closet?) If this Pine Hills property looks familiar, maybe you partook in the Modern Atlanta Home Tour 2015, or maybe you work at e3, the architecture firm that designed this tricky metamorphosis from 1,700 to 3,000 square feet. With four bedrooms and a favorable location, the home's asking price is $899,900, which hopefully (but doubtfully) includes the artwork.

· 3518 Rockhaven Cir NE [Estately]