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Cool $3.8M Bags 'Finest Home Available in All of Atlanta'

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In the Pantheon of Hyperbolic Broker Babble, the first statement in this $3.8 million listing deserves at least an honorable mention: "Simply the finest home available in all of Atlanta." That's what you call pulling no punches — but could it be accurate? This "once in a lifetime opportunity" on "Druid Hills' most prestigious street" is an exquisitely restored 1919 estate by noted architect Arthur Neal Robinson. The Mediterranean style was replicated as part of a recent expansion, creating "a seamless marriage between the original house and the new wing," per the listing. You know the common areas (and cooling bills) must be humongous when a home that sprawls for 7,000 square feet has merely four bedrooms and three and ½ bathrooms. Some more bold statements that could apply here: Atlanta's "grandest blank slate," home to the city's "most baroque fireplaces" and "handsomest arched doorways." But with an asking price that flirts with $4 million and more than an acre to work with, you'd have thought they could spring for a pool. And maybe a couple of statues.

· 916 Springdale Road NE []