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Beltline Vs. APS Squabble Could Be Nearing a Resolution

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The end may be in sight for the most epic schoolyard scuffle in Atlanta history. The City of Atlanta will pay $4 million to Atlanta Public Schools to settle a dispute about tax revenue stemming from the Beltline development. Part of the recently approved annual budget of $593 million, the payment may mark the end of the months-long battle, but it won't end a war that's been raging for longer. The series of unfortunate events precipitating the dispute even made our Countdown of Debacles for 2014, alongside Snowpocalypse — so you know it's a really big deal.

In total, APS is owed more than $14 million thanks to provisions in a contract that dates back to the inception of the Beltline in 2005. The ensuing battle has been an embarrassment for the city, pitting one of its most promising assets (the Beltline) against what many feel is its most glaring lability (public schools). And, notably, it has caused delays in the construction of the Beltline. But maybe that can all be behind us now ...

· Atlanta City Council offers olive branch to APS [Atlanta Business Chronicle]