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Photos: The Fox Theatre Like Few Have Seen it Before

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[Among the Fox's "sky." Photos by Jonathan Phillips, Curbed.]
[Among the Fox's "sky." Photos by Jonathan Phillips, Curbed.]

To mark the 40th anniversary of its preservation, the Fox Theatre has been running guided tours of places usually off-limits to even its biggest fans. While the tours visited many restricted areas, such as the orchestra pit and back corridors near the stage, it didn't stray far into the inner workings of the 86-year-old landmark. We were lucky enough to delve in much deeper, gaining access to places that, according to theater officials, had never been photographed before. In a Curbed Atlanta exclusive, here's the Fabulous Fox like you've truly never seen it, from the depths of the sub-basement to the top of the marquee on Peachtree Street.

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