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Wacky, Flower-Themed Grant Park Home Project is D.O.A.

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At last check, a quixotic local developer was planning to raze a vacant metal warehouse and redefine "the cluster home paradigm" on this piece of land in Grant Park, between the neighborhood's namesake green space and the future Beltline. But before "The Rose of Grant Park" could change the development world, the plot has landed back on the market, asking $950,000 for what the listing agent touts as an opportunity to "create a wonderful gated community." The project had good intentions at heart; it was named for developer Philippe Pellerin's mother and was set to feature homes with wild, attention-grabbing names like, "The Pinkie Lab," "The Fire House," "The Magic Dragon," "The Alchemist" and "The Skyrocket Tower." Before they'd lined up an architect, officials were promising that "from the exterior landscaping to the interior design, each home will continue to tell and reinforce a story of the inspired rose." It was projected to break ground last spring. Instead, the land will have to go back to the drawing board for a different builder. It's zoned for six single-family homes, with the potential for two more to be tacked on.

· 776 Mercer St. [Red Robin]