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Two-Bedroom From the Fifties is Gunning for 1/2 Million

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Just off Collier and Howell Mill roads sits a recently spruced-up mid-century home that, while updated, retains much of its 1950s charm — maybe a little too much in places. Inside we find hardwood floors for days and tons of windows that flood the rooms with glorious sunshine; with 1,341 square feet, the two-bedroom ranch has apt living space for a single person or younger couple, but the single bathroom could be a sticking point. The real stunner is the backyard, with a spacious deck and plenty of green grass shaded by massive trees. Given the size of the backyard, it's a little perplexing that the lawn chairs are chilling out front (though the almost-hidden, massive power lines around back might be a motivating factor to spend time there). Located just north of Interstate 75, the area has enjoyed a bump in prestige in recent years, as the Westside has flourished just south of the highway and the Beltline's Northside Trail has brought nature's splendor a short walk away. With new apartments slated for the neighborhood, and well-established attractions nearby (i.e., Buckhead schools), it's not a huge surprise the price is $499,000.

· 2032 Brookview Drive [Zillow]