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Hot(lanta) Market

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Neighbor Newspapers taps agents from across Atlanta for a report that suggests the city's dizzying real estate market is the hottest it's been in decades. Median sale prices across 11 metro Atlanta counties had swollen nearly 8 percent between May 2014 and last month (and much more in certain core neighborhoods), leading one agent to say, "The agents I've talked to who have been in the business 25 years or more have never seen it this busy before. We've got a lot of new people moving to town. It's exciting to see new businesses moving here." Added another: "Things like the Ponce City Market, the Krog Street Market and the [Beltline's] Eastside Trail have thrown those markets into stratospheric increases … Inman Park townhomes probably appreciated 20 percent in value in the last six months. Those are crazy numbers." [Photo:]