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Near Krog Street Market, Studioplex Unit is Industrial, Stark

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Calling all concrete lovers! What can only be described as an office space masquerading as an apartment, this ground-floor unit at the Studioplex is available for $235,000. From the suspended metal conduits and HVAC pipes to the light fixtures fit for a coal mine, there is nothing that screams, "Hey, y'all, live comfortably here." Hell, even the lone bedroom looks like an office with a glass wall and doors. While the folding chairs in the kitchen and wooden shelves do little to boost the homeyness factor, neighborhood desirability goes a long, long way. And the price could allow some budget to brighten things up. But given the unique overall aesthetic, it'll take the right buyer to make this concrete bunker into a home, no matter how many $14 sandwiches are within a three-minute walk.

· 659 Auburn Ave., Apt. 103 [Zillow]