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Now Updated, Palatial Mod House in Buckhead Wants $4M

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Once called Atlanta's "most spectacular" modern home (but not to be confused with the "most well-known modern home in Buckhead"), this 1982 compound by renowned Laguna Beach architect Fredd Briggs is back on the market. It's been gussied up since it last sold and, as such, is substantially more expensive. Located around the corner from the Governor's Mansion, it listed for $3 million in early 2013 — when it was owned by Waffle House cofounder and alleged sexual harasser Joe Rogers Jr. — and eventually sold last year at $2.62 million. Now, just 13 months later, the sellers are hoping to fetch $4 million for a prettier version of these same 8,000 square feet on 2 acres. What's changed? The listing agent says the hardwood plank flooring from France is new, along with the master bathroom (which has marble floors and its own patio). The kitchen was overhauled, though the flagstone-style flooring remains, while a small fortune in chandeliers has been hung, lending an antique, urban-French flair to so much exposed concrete. Also gone: the hideous checkerboard flooring in the gym. Still here: the indoor pool and spa where suntans are impossible.

· 3303 Chatham Road NW []