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3 Midtown Units Combine to Form $1.6M Condozilla

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The practice of combining condominiums can result in choppy Frankencondos. Or bland, cavernous and awkward Megacondos. That's not the case here at Midtown's 905 Juniper, a 117-home building delivered in 2006. But for this unit's sheer size — it's 3,146 square feet, comparable to a five-bedroom house — we'll still have to call it Condozilla. That's not to say it isn't a lovely amalgam of three smaller units that shared the same humongous (but hopefully partitioned) patio, which at 76-feet long now, is Midtown's largest, per the listing agent. The mating of these units appears mellifluous for the most part, resulting in a massive pro-grade kitchen, a studio-apartment-size laundry room, an underfunded library's worth of book shelving and — count 'em — four parking spaces. If there's anything to gripe about — beyond the highly unattainable but relatively appropriate $1.59 million price — it's the patio's lack of privacy from higher-floor neighbors (and maybe the fact this place managed to carve just three bedrooms and three bathrooms from so much space). Condozilla isn't as nimble as she used to be, so the Walk Score of 90 should help.

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