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Could This be Atlanta's Grandest Furnished Apartment?

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In Atlanta, the phrase "comes furnished" usually conjures images of wicker dining room sets, Wal-Mart armoires and paisley couches with stains that just might involve homicide. But that's not the case with this dazzlingly furnished apartment in Cabbagetown, where the listing agent promises: "Dishes, cookware, glassware, towels & sheets are included in the rent. Just bring your clothes." (If you just said, "Ewww," you're normal). Anyhow, this is where Liberace would stay if he drank PBR and had arm-sleeve tattoos. It's that baroque. And it's that quintessential C-town, in the neighborhood's signature multifamily property, The Stacks. It's a double-decker loft with two bedrooms (we call bottom!), two bathrooms, a couple of "Artisans closets," about 50 extravagant chandeliers and a monthly rent of $2,800. That type of dough would fetch a (likely smaller) two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit in the heart of Midtown. But not as many candelabras.

· 170 Boulevard SE #H-217 [Coldwell Banker]