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At Silverbacks Stadium, These Containers are Sky-High Offices

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They are ubiquitous around Atlanta. Just sitting in traffic on The Connector — they're there. On trains lined up in the expansive Hulsey Yard over the Krog Street Tunnel — they're there. When you go on vacation to Savannah, stacked 12-high on ships in the port — those too. These big corrugated boxes are the workaholics of moving all the stuff we use: shipping containers. But no longer are these containers solely utilitarian, no! Atlantan Boris Jerkunica and his company BMarko Structures is hoping to get us hooked on shipping container offices. Hypepotamus spotlighted some already tricked-out containers that have found a home at Silverbacks Stadium, like other cool containers at a Westside restaurant and Old Fourth Ward homes.

Featuring hardwood floors, large windows and even their own restrooms, these particular shipping container offices are top-of-the-line. The three containers installed at Silverback Stadium sit atop massive concrete pillars and overlook the soccer field. The containers come in two lengths — 20 feet and 40 feet — and are stackable. Weighing in at nine tons, these tough boxes aren't inconsequential and can be used as blast-proof shelters, too. But we wouldn't want to be at that soccer game.

Now, shipping container architecture is not a new concept. Local firm plexus r+d has been playing with containers for years (case in point, Delia's). But Jerkunica hopes to bring the idea mainstream, highlighting the ease of construction, versatility and inexpensive cost of the containers-turned-offices. If you're intrigued, you can order one from Boris and his crew, and within a month you too can have your own boxy office.

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